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About Us

Novus Equities is a uniquely compassionate and dedicated property-management company.

We began in 1997 with the mission of “reimagining” New Jersey’s urban core. We’re equally dedicated to our clients, our wonderful buildings, and the diverse communities we serve, which include Elizabeth, Jersey City, Orange, and Newark.

We’ve long made available lovingly restored and innovatively designed residential and commercial properties—and we’ve done so while keeping our rents as affordable as possible.

At Novus Equities, after all, we’re as much about serving the neighborhood as anything. By helping property owners wisely care for their investments, or by finding the ideal space for worthy tenants looking to create a home or a business here, we aim to bolster the region’s livability and vibrancy.

You can rely on Novus Equities for warm, efficient customer service at all times, whether we’re helping you set up your account or we’re responding to a maintenance call. Contact us today and be a part of the Novus Equities experience!